Brain Facts is dedicated to sharing knowledge about the wonders of the brain and mind, engaging the public in dialogue about brain research, and dispelling common "neuromyths".

The brain is the most complex biological structure in the known universe. At the website, visitors can learn about this extraordinary organ driving thought, behavior, perception, emotion, disease, and health.

Understanding brain development and health is important for everyone and provides a place for scientifically accurate, accessible information.

The website also serves as a great resource for educators and students of all ages, with a focus on providing teaching resources for primary and secondary teaching.

Featured resources include:

  • Key concepts about brain function; summaries of promising research discoveries; information about hundreds of diseases and disorders; and more.
  • Interviews and discussions with leading researchers.
  • Scientist-reviewed teaching tools for educators.
  • Multimedia tools and a social media community that will grow with the site.
  • Neuroscience news that's making headlines.