About Us

The University of Melbourne is an internationally renowned leader in ground-breaking Neuroscience research.


Welcome to the Melbourne Neuroscience Institute (MNI). The Melbourne Neuroscience Institute draws on the astounding breadth of Neuroscience research activity at the University of Melbourne and is the principal body for the promotion of cross-disciplinary research in the Neurosciences at the University of Melbourne.

We aim to effect ground-breaking research via interdisciplinary partnerships, collaborations and new strategic initiatives with the view of translation of these outputs to improved health and teaching outcomes. The MNI promotes excellence in the Neurosciences, is the flagship for branding of University of Melbourne Neuroscience and is a principal vehicle for undertaking ‘grand challenges’ in the Neurosciences and related disciplines.

Through the creation of interdisciplinary research opportunities and access to world-leading technologies and applications, the MNI aims to maximise the translation of Neuroscience research into clinical outcomes for institutional, hospital and commercial partners. The MNI supports, engages and facilitates high quality projects, with an emphasis on value-adding through coordination of effort and collaboration, and to showcase the University’s prowess in basic and clinical research in the Neurosciences and related disciplines.

The Institute enhances interdisciplinarity in Neuroscience through stewardship of cross-faculty activities that involve collaboration with researchers from areas such as Medicine, Mental Health, Engineering, Optometry and Vision Sciences, Ophthalmology, Law, Economics, Music, and Social Sciences.

Research Themes

The following research initiatives are promoted and supported by the Melbourne Neuroscience Institute.

Neuroscience at Melbourne

The MNI actively promotes, where appropriate, neuroscience research and related disciplines at the University of Melbourne. Whilst it is difficult to encompass all research activity across the University, the MNI acts as a conduit for collaborative research in the neurosciences.
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