Advisory Board

The Advisory Board aims to ensure the MNI is aligned with important trends and provide avenues for interaction with those who might wish to commission or undertake research through collaborative interaction in the neuroscience and related disciplines of research. Board members will have strong credentials in the university, private, public and non-government sectors and will act as advocates on behalf of the MNI.

The MNI Advisory Board will provide advice on:

  • Research directions of themes and projects within MNI;
  • Business strategies to ensure MNI operates consistent with industry best practice, for the benefit of MNI staff and researchers;
  • Stakeholder linkages and improvements to encourage participation and mutually beneficial outcomes for MNI researchers.

The committee meets three times a year.


Professor Mark Hargreaves

Chair and Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research Collaboration & Partnerships), UoM

Professor Trevor Kilpatrick

Director, Melbourne Neuroscience Institute, UoM

Professor Greg Qiao

Assistant Dean (Research), Melbourne School of Engineering, UoM

Professor Karen Day

Dean, Faculty of Science, UoM

Dr Anthony Filippis

Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Neurosciences Victoria

Professor Stephen Davis

Professor of Translational Neuroscience, UoM and Director of the Melbourne Brain Centre and Neurology at the Royal Melbourne Hospital

Professor Perry Bartlett

Inaugural Director, Queensland Brain Institute

Associate Professor Andrew Metha

Deputy Director, Melbourne Neuroscience Institute, UoM

Professor Glenn Bowes

Deputy Dean, Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences, UoM

Professor Bob Williamson

Chief Scientific Officer, Yulgilbar Foundation; Ex-Secretary for Science Policy, Australian Academy of Science; and Honorary Professorial Fellow, Faculty of Medicine, UoM