Ion Channel Function

Closing date: 17 June 2019

Are you still mystified by the mechanisms of ion channels, how action potentials are generated or by electrophysiogy and need to get to grips with them for your project? Then this workshop is the answer. We’ll cover the principles of bio-electricity, ion channel biophysics and electrophysiological recording of channel activity from single cells through to neuronal networks. You’ll learn about established and novel recording techniques, including the application of biophotonics, and get a practical introduction to signal processing and the basics of data analysis. In the lab, you’ll have the opportunity to record and analyse channel activity from Xenopus oocytes, to observe and analyse multiple-electrode array recordings from cultured neuronal networks, and get to grips with the patch clamp technique. Students with biomedical science or bioengineering/physics backgrounds are all encouraged to apply.


Prof Ian Forster, Prof Steven Petrou and A/Prof Chris Reid.

Workshop format:

Approx. 27 hours contact time

  • 6 x 3-hour tutorials (round table format)
  • 2 x 3-hour hands-on activity in the laboratory

Proposed time-frame:

Monday 8 July - Friday 12 July 2019, approx. 7 hour days with breaks.

Course preparation:

It is recommended that participants access/read/browse/digest the following material beforehand:

Medical Physiology, Boron W and Boulpaep E, 3rd Edition (2010). Chapters 6, 7. This is available as an e-book via the Clinicalkey link:!/

Ion Channels workshop 2017