MNI Fellowships

The MNI Fellowships provided an opportunity for the University to promote strategic areas of research, in this case, interdisciplinary research projects in the Neurosciences and related disciplines. With support for one year, the MNI Fellows were instrumental in facilitating the coming together of academic staff from across disciplines to work on a project consistent with the broad research objectives of the Melbourne Neuroscience Institute which demonstrated the following:

  • Innovative interdisciplinary research
  • Involving a team of academic staff from relevant disciplines with appropriate and complementary expertise for the intended research. The research project to be undertaken must, however, be clearly identifiable with the Fellow.
  • Showing significant potential for future funding by granting bodies.

Fellowships recipients

2017: Dr Susan Northfield, School of Biomedical Sciences and Dr Bao Nguyen, Department of Optometry and Vision Sciences. 2016: Dr David Simpson and Dr Julian Simmons. 2015: Dr Alexander Grubman, Department of Pathology and Dr Andrew Watt, Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health. 2014: Dr Michael Hildebrand, Department of Medicine, Austin Health and Dr Christine Nguyen, Department of Optometry and Vision Sciences. 2013: Dr Valentina Lorenzetti, Melbourne Neuropsychiatry Centre and Dr Toby Merson, Florey Neuroscience Institute. 2012: Dr Sandy Schultz and Dr Lin Hung. 2011: Dr Andrew Zalesky, Department of Psychiatry and Dr Peter Crouch, Department of Pathology.