Interdisciplinary Seed Funding Awardees


The Melbourne Neuroscience Insitute is pleased to present the successful recipients of the 2018 Seed Funding round. This scheme supports interdisciplinary research projects in the field of neuroscience and related disciplines.

For this round, submissions that covered the focus area “Regenerative Medicine,” and that had clear linkages to clinical application in neuroscience, were reviewed favourably. The purpose of this funding is to provide short-term (up to one year) support for highly innovative seed projects that will lead to new collaborations and research teams, and which have significant potential for future funding by the NHMRC, ARC or commercial entities.

Congratulations to the following four teams!

Co-ordinating investigator: Dr Laura Downie - Department of Optometry and Vision Sciences (DOVS)

Title: “Peripheral nerve regeneration in diabetes mellitus”.

Team members: Professor Richard MacIsaac (St Vincent’s Hospital and Professor Richard MacIsaac (St Vincent’s Hospital and the University of Melbourne); Doctor Leslie Roberts (St Vincent’s Hospital); Doctor Jordan Kamel

Co-ordinating investigator: Dr Hinze Hogendoorn – Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences(MSPS)

Title: Predicting the present: the role of predictive neural coding in visuomotor guidance over the lifespan

Team members: Prof. Allison McKendrick DOVS, Prof. Anthony Burkitt, MSE, Dr. Stefan Bode MSPS, Dr Daniel Feuerriegel MSPS

Co-ordinating investigator: Dr Christine Nguyen – Department of Optometry and Vision Sciences (DOCS)

Title: The eye as a window to Parkinson’s disease

Team members: David Finkelstein FINMH, Vickie Wong DOVS, Jeremiah Lim DOVS

Co-ordinating investigator: Dr David Simpson – School of Physics

Title: Imaging ferritin iron using in vivo nano magnetometry: A new tool for the clinic and neuroscience

Team members: Dr Gawain McColl FINMH, Prof. Lloyd Hollenberg Physics Science, Prof. Ashley Bush FINMH, Dr Liam Hall Physics Science, Steve Petrou FINMH