2018 MNI Fellows Announced

Congratulations to Jessica Fletcher and Matias Maturana for being awarded the University’s 2018 Melbourne Neuroscience Institute (MNI) Fellowships.

The MNI Fellowships provide an opportunity for the University to promote interdisciplinary research projects in the Neurosciences and related disciplines. There are two Fellowships available awarded each year and this round was highly competitive.

We would like to congratulate our successful recipients for 2018, Jessica Fletcher, Research Fellow in the Department of Anatomy and Neuroscience and Matias Maturana, Research Fellow in the Department of Medicine. Jessica is working towards identifying novel treatments for myelin disease. Her project is titled 'Transcriptional activation – the key to myelinate the central nervous system'.

Matias's vision is to develop a safe, biocompatible intervention system that returns independence to people who suffer from neurological disorders. His project is titled 'Validation of neural mass models for epilepsy using a novel recording array'.

Congratulations to Jessica and Matias.