Fantastic Results for 2016 MNI Interdisciplinary Seed Funding Round!

This short-term seed-funding scheme provides funding to address complex problems facing society with solutions that demand an interdisciplinary approach.

The MNI is pleased to announce the outcomes of its 2016 Seed Funding scheme. The scheme aims to fund highly innovative small-to medium-scale interdisciplinary research projects that show significant potential for future funding by granting bodies. We aim to catalyse the drawing together of academic staff from across disciplines to work on interdisciplinary problems consistent with the broad research objectives of the Melbourne Neuroscience Institute.

Twenty-seven outstanding applications were received in 2016, with eight projects being funded. These are:

Roger Ordidge

Quantitative Neuropathological Correlates of Advanced Ultra High Field MRI of Brain Microstructure in Multiple Sclerosis

Anatomy & Neuroscience

Dr. Jon Cleary, Dr. Scott Kolbe, Dr. Amanda Ng, Prof. Ashley Bush, Dr. Scott Ayton, Prof. Catriona McLean

Olivia Carter

Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS) – Is it the perfect placebo?

Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences

Jason Forte, Dean Freestone, Andrew Zalesky

Trevor Kilpatrick

Targeting Tyro3 To Promote Remyelination In Multiple Sclerosis

Anatomy & Neuroscience

Michele Binder, Junhua Xiao, Jonathan Baell, Helene Sabroux

Dean Freestone

Using Decoded Brain Signals to Control Prosthetic Limbs

Department of Medicine St Vincent's Hospital

Mark Cook, David Grayden, Stefan Harrar, Sam John, David Ackland, Terry O'Brien, Yan Tat Wong, Tom Oxley

Justin Rubio

Ultra deep sequencing of oligodendrocyte lineage genes to investigate the role of somatic mutation in multiple sclerosis

Department of Pathology, School of Biomedical Sciences

A/Prof Michael Barnett, A/Prof Stephen Leslie, Dr Andrew Fox

Andrew Allen

Pharmacogenetic silencing of neuronal pathways.

Physiology/School of Biomedical Sciences

Ross Bathgate

Richard (Tony) Hughes

Development of peptide NT-3 structural mimetics as treatment for hidden hearing loss

Department of Pharmacology & Therapeutics

Dr Susan Northfield, Professor Stephen O’Leary, Dr Hayden Eastwood

Patrick T. Goodbourn

A comprehensive, multi-­‐level zebrafish assay to provide mechanistic insight into genetic associates of human behaviour

Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences

Dr Patricia R. Jusuf, A/Prof Bang Bui, Dr Mirana Ramialison