Music Therapy Symposium: Music, Health, Wellbeing and the NDIS

The Hallmark Disability Research Initiative is proud to be supporting the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music and the National Music Therapy Research Unit in inviting music therapists, disability service providers, community music and people with disabilities and their families, to join this Music Therapy Symposium discussing the impact of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). 

The introduction of the NDIS potentially brings dramatic changes to the funding of music services for the purposes of health and wellbeing.  

The purpose of this Symposium is to gather experts in music therapy, disability and community music as well as music participants who have experienced the power of music in order to discuss the various ways to continue the music services under NDIS.

The Symposium will comprise of a number of presentations from leading researchers, as well as performances and discussion forums.

As allied health professionals, many music therapists have worked with people who have disabilities in early intervention, special education and adult day services, as well as in nursing homes.  More contemporary models of practice highlighting inclusion and participation have been increasingly documented, and have been the focus of a number of recent research projects conducted in Australia and overseas. This has led to partnerships with a range of players, including community musicians. Collaboration between music therapists and community musicians will underpin the provision of music services of the future, and a spectrum of services across the health continuum will be needed.

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