Music, Mind and Wellbeing

The world-first Music, Mind & Wellbeing initiative (MMW) links neuroscience with music and social wellbeing through a unique set of collaborations spanning music, science, health,  education, and industry.

MMW has three core research strands encompassing (i) music neuroscience, (II) music education, and (iii) health and wellbeing. Our music neuroscience program incorporates a range of projects relating to the neurobiological basis of hearing, sound recognition and music, as well as the genetic and environmental determinants of music abilities.

MMW continues to demonstrate that music is a powerful tool for changing the brain across the lifespan, both in response to training and after recovery from brain injury. Building on this, our music education program is investigating the key factors underlying student engagement in music learning and performance across primary, secondary and tertiary education settings, including the development of highly effective interventions for music performance anxiety in secondary school and conservatorium students.

Our health and wellbeing program investigates the use of music to promote the mental health and wellbeing of individuals and communities, and to facilitate recovery following physical or mental illness. These research projects determine the best ways for music to be applied therapeutically with people in hospitals, schools, aged and palliative care facilities, and the community, with important implications for building inclusive communities that embrace diverse and creative participation.

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